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Natural hydration booster Active

Natural hydration booster Active

Sodium PCA - 100% of natural origin

Naturally occurring within the skin’s Natural

Moisturising Factor, Sodium PCA is a cosmetic active ingredient that is valued for its ability to moisturise skin and hair.


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When used in cosmetics, Sodium PCA is an active ingredient that boosts hydration and is known for:

- Providing immediate and long-lasting hydration
- Replicating the skin’s Natural Moisturising Factor
- Improving the ability of the upper epidermal layers to retain water
- Helping maintain skin suppleness and elasticity

Ingredient for home-made cosmetics authorised by the main organic cosmetics standards. 

Sodium PCA : 100% of natural origin 

Aqua: water (demineralized and filtered).

Dosing information: 0.5% to 5% maximum of the total amount of your preparation.

Add Sodium PCA at the end of your

Preparation. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. If in eyes, rinse thoroughly. Do not use undiluted on skin. Store at room temperature, away from light. Do not use iron or aluminium containers. Use quickly after opening.

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