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Gamme anti-âge et anti-tâches Lys Active

Skin aging is a natural phenomenon classified into 2 categories: Intrinsic aging: it is the slow genetically programmed physiological process that begins at maturity (about 15 years old) and extrinsic ageing: external environmental factors (UV, pollution, tobacco, stress, sedentary lifestyle, etc.) that accelerate programmed natural ageing.
This skin aging impacts the functions of the skin with visible signs of aging: wrinkles, hyperpigmentation spots, loss of elasticity and firmness, loss of radiance, drier and finer skin...
Thanks to an adapted beauty ritual, we have the possibility of acting to age better! Protecting, restructuring, unifying the complexion and reducing dark spots, strengthening the structure of the dermis… these are the solutions offered by our new LYS ACTIVE® range.