Our philosophy

Centifolia® grew out of a deep knowledge of plants

Centifolia® is a French brand of certified organic cosmetics created in 1983.
Based on scientific observation of plants, the brand is founder of Botanical cosmetics concept.
A PhD thesis in botany made the connection between the plant world and the human body then formulated the basis of a new approach to body and skincare products.

Botanical cosmetics bring plant vitality to the skin

The Centifolia® Research Centre’s expertise focuses on the life-giving active ingredients in plants and studies how to transpose them into products that meet the skin’s needs.

Polyphenols are an example of this successful transposition.
They are essential in the plant world for two reasons: to protect plants from UV rays and to attract the birds and insects that enable them to reproduce.
Polyphenols are antioxidants found in high concentrations in colourful fruits and flowers. They effectively transpose to meet the skin’s need for everyday protection from solar rays and pollution.


Nature has produced these active ingredients over millions of years of plant evolution. The Centifolia® Research Centre studies, isolates and transcribes these ingredients into health and beauty products for the skin to repair its cells, protect it from drying out and make it firm, moisturised, toned, supple and radiant.

The Centifolia® brand is built on a consistent, responsible and humanist foundation.
We follow strict regulations that protect natural resources, care for animal well-being, and promote social and personal balance for the women and men who work every day to fulfill our mission.


Nature, and especially plants, offers such extraordinary, diverse, useful, numerous, precious, and effective riches.
This is precisely why Centifolia exists: to identify the wealth of nature and make
them available to you through unique formulas.