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Why Do Hair Curl?

• Follicle angle: Hair follicles inclined and curved (S-shaped), resulting in non-linear growth.
• Shaft Section shape: The flatter the oval, the curlier the hair. Determined by genetics.
• Keratin structure: Uneven distribution of keratin along the hair shaft creates twisting zones that support curls.

Nature of Textured Hair:

• Higher porosity: Textured hair is more porous due to its non-straight growth, leading to more open cuticles in curls. Hair absorbs water more quickly but also releases it just as rapidly, accelerating dehydration.
• Increased fragility: Spiral structure makes natural sebum distribution along the hair shaft more difficult.
• Prone to frizz: Small hairs breaking away from the rest of the hair and seeking ambient moisture. Affects all hair types but more pronounced in textured hair due to its shape.
• Thermoregulation: Protects against UV, cools the scalp, and limits sweating. 

Tighter curls increase thermoregulatory ability.

The PRETTY CURLS range defines, protects, and sets curls without frizz! A professional, sensory, organic, and effective range specially developed for curly, wavy, and kinky hair.