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Gamme anti-âge et anti-tâches Lys Active

The flagship assets of the range

ORGANIC Blueberry of FRANCE origin has been carefully selected for its restorative and protective power, thanks to its activities:

- antioxidants
- soothing
- moisturizing

At the heart of the formula are 2 100% natural purple & blue pigments for REINFORCED DOUBLE ACTION: neutralize yellow & orange reflections.

Purple pigments obtained from sweet potato roots neutralize yellow reflections.
The blue pigments obtained from cape jasmine neutralize orange reflections.

With the purple shampoo & detangler 2in1 :

Hair shine +26.1%*

With the ultra violet mask :

Yellow and orange anti-reflections -42.6%*

*Efficiency evaluation by scoring carried out by the expert hairdresser

Soins déjaunisseurs cheveux gris blancs blonds

Lumière intense

Melanins are responsible for the coloring of the hair, they are in the cortex of the hinged rod. The color of the hair is due to its different concentration of eumelanin and pheomelanin.

Blonde hair: low proportion of the two melanins
GRAY to WHITE HAIR: Progressive loss of melanin

All hair turns yellow but on light hair (blonde, white, gray), it is more visible!

Yellowing is a natural phenomenon due to the degradation of Tryptophan into Kynurenines in the hair fiber (1) + the degradation of melanin (2). It is also accentuated by the environment: exposure to UV rays, pollution, tobacco, aggressive products (chlorine, limestone, etc.)

Why purple and blue? The colors yellow/orange and purple/blue are complementary colors. Complementary colors are best placed to counterbalance/neutralize each other!

The LUMIERE INTENSE range protects gray, white & blonde hair and neutralizes yellow and orange reflections while reviving shine. It restores the full intensity of its color to the hair. A professional purple/blue pigmented range, sensory, organic and effective.

(1) Dario et al. - 2017 - Tryptophan and kynurenine determination in human hair by liquid chromatography
(2) https://www.renefurterer.com/fr-fr/hair-confidential/c-est-grave-docteur/plus-blanc-que-blanc