Our commitments

Centifolia lives through and for Nature.

Centifolia engages in furthering its scientific knowledge of plants, with the goal of extracting ingredients that can benefit both our skin’s health and beauty. Our primary concerns are the respect of people and their well-being, which are as important as the respect for nature and the vitality of plants.

Obviously, Centifolia’s ethical standpoint revolves around the way products are being formulated. Thus Centifolia hasdeveloped various ranges of high quality products which target different skin types. Our products bear the Cosmebio and Ecocert labels and all the active ingredients have been produced organically.


One of the most eco-friendly production sites in the world

Centifolia’s research centre and production facility are amongst the most eco-friendly in the world! It owns over 5,000 sq m of indoor premises (research and development, manufacturing and packaging), surrounded by a 300 acre botanic garden.

- The building was awarded HQE (High Environmental Quality) certification in 2010

- All the energy used is renewable

- Over 30% of the energy used is produced on site, via a high-performance energy mix:
2 biomass boilers that burn miscanthus, also known as ‘elephant grass’, which is grown and harvested on site in the botanic garden
Over 4,000sq m ofsolar panels
A 35 metre wind turbine
We have been measuring our carbon footprint every 3 years since 2010. Last time this showed that we had reduced our carbon footprint by 6%

- Water treatment and conservation are also a primary concern. This is why we treat all our waste water in our own treatment plant, which uses a biological procedure called phyto-purification.


Towards responsible packaging

Right from the start, we have been aware of our responsibilities in terms of waste reduction. Our experts and external consultants are currently working closely together to build a sustainable packaging strategy. Various criteria must be taken into consideration in the search for lasting solutions that reduce the ecological impact drastically rather than simply moving it elsewhere. We have already introduced the following changes:

Centifolia, a specialist brand committed to improving the well-being of both Man and Nature.