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Active filters

Gamme capillaire Bouclier couleur

Formulated to deliver the benefits of a plant-based active ingredient: ORGANIC POMEGRANATE from FRANCE, selected for its antioxidant and protective power.

At the heart of the formula, a biomimetic & anti-waste active ingredient derived from the valorization of black spruce bark waste protects and reveals the color. It limits fading after UV exposure and washing.

Soins capillaires Bouclier couleur pour cheveux colorés


The aggravating factors are: 

- Environmental factors
- Frequent and inappropriate shampooing
- Heated appliances
- Aggressive products


- OXIDATION:  Pigments can undergo oxidation due to exposure to air, UV rays and pollution (production of free radicals).

Oxidation is possible because many factors open up the scales.

- DETACHMENT: When the bonds between the pigments and the hair structure (cuticle or cortex) are weakened, the pigments can detach from the hair.

- Incorporate anti-oxidants
- Incorporate UV filters
- Coating the hair
- Protect hair from heat
- Use gentle products specially adapted for coloured hair 

The PROTECT COLOUR range protects coloured or highlighted hair for 6 weeks. The shine and intensity of the colour is preserved! A professional range that is protective, sensorial, organic and effective.

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