At the heart of nature

At the heart of nature

Behind the scenes at Centifolia

Nestled in greenery, Centifolia has a research centre and a production facility that are among the most environmentally conscious in the world!

Every day, our specialists work to grow raw materials, design, produce, package and ship our entire range of Centifolia products.

Products are created with a comprehensive, environmentally-conscious approach, at a facility stretching over 15,000 m2 within a 30-hectare ecological area.

Classified as a LOP (Ligue de la Protection des Oiseaux [Bird Conservation Association]) refuge, the site welcomes a unique range of biodiversity that was inventoried in 2014.

The site is 25% electricity-independent due to a powerful energy structure, which includes two solar stations as well as a wind turbine.

75% of the energy used comes from renewable resources (including heating from 2 boilers using biomass fuel). Part of the biomass is grown on site (miscanthus, acacia, ash).Situé dans un écrin de verdure, Centifolia dispose d’un centre de recherche et d’une unité de production parmi les plus écologiques au monde !

A passionate, committed team

Your satisfaction is our greatest reward!

Our passionate, curious, creative and dedicated team covers a diverse range of fields and expertise. From product design to the shipment of your package, each step is performed internally: research and development, composition, quality control, production, packaging, shipment, etc.

Day in and day out, we strive to exceed your expectations with our passion and commitment.

For any questions, contact us by e-mail or phone : +33 (0)5 49 74 63 23

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