Rice (Rice powder)

INCI Name / Latin Name

Oriza Sativa

Botanical family


Cosmetic benefits

A beauty secret for Japanese Geishas, Rice powder is used in a wide variety of cosmetic products. It is recognised for its absorbent, mattifying and softening properties. It is ideal for the care of combination to oily skin.

Origin / Cultivation

Rice is a cereal native to Asia and more particularly China where its cultivation dates back to the Neolithic Age (10,000 BC). In 320 BC, Alexander the Great brought Rice cultivation to Greece. Then Rice gradually spread all around the world. Today, almost 2000 rice varieties are cultivated, and Asia accounts for 90% of global Rice production. Rice is primarily used in the food-processing industry but can also be used in cosmetics.  Rice powder, well-known to Japanese Geishas who use it to whiten their complexion, is also used as an ingredient in many cosmetic products.

The Centifolia product(s) where this ingredient is present :