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Walnut stain

Walnut stain

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Subtle brown highlights

100% pure
Adds attractive brown highlights
Darkens light-brown hair


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The Centifolia dye powders have been rigorously selected to provide you with powders exceptionally rich in pigments. Derived from walnut shell, the walnut stain powder helps achieve attractive brown highlights and darkens light-brown hair when used on its own. 

Combined with natural henna, the mixture will add auburn tones and a golden tint of varying intensity depending on the dose used. For red, blond and light-brown hair.

This powder is pure.

Natural hair colour lets you create tone-on-tone colour or darken your colour by 2 or 3 shades, but it will not lighten your hair.

With natural hair colour, each person’s results are unique: they depend on your base colour, leave-on time, your hair’s porosity, and the amount of grey hair.


I have blonde hair :I’ll get light-brown hair

I have light-brown hair : I’ll get medium-brown hair

I have medium-brown or brown hair : My hair won’t be coloured, but it will bring out my natural highlights

I have red hair : I’ll get deep-red hair

You can combine this powder with chestnut brown caramel or brown henna to enhance your natural highlights 

For more information about natural hair colour, refer to our guide to natural hair colour.

For more information about natural hair colour, refer to our guide to natural hair colour.

Sachet with zip fastening to better preserve the powder. Packaging guaranteed to contain no phthalates or bisphenol A. 

Ingredient : Juglans Regia Seedcoat Powder.

100% pure and plant-based powder.

Preparation instructions : 
In a large bowl, gradually add warm water to the powders until you have a relatively thick paste. Do not use metal utensils. Before applying to your hair, cover the mixture with plastic film and let sit for one to two hours so the colour can develop.

Approximate quantities to be used :
For short hair : 50 to 100g of powder
For medium-length (shoulder-length) hair : 150 to 200g of powder
For long hair (mid-back) : 200 to 250g of powder
For very long hair (hip-length) : 300 to 500g of powder

How to apply : 
Apply a thick layer of the mixture preferably to unwashed hair, strand by strand. When hair is thoroughly coated, wrap it all in plastic film and let set. The leave-on time will vary considerably depending on your hair's porosity and colour and the desired result (from one to 12 hours).
Rinse hair thoroughly until all residues have been removed. The final colour result will appear two to three days after application, which is the time required for the colour to oxidise.

Beauty tip : 
For fine, sensitised or dry hair, you are advised to add 1 to 2 tablespoons of organic vegetable oil (castor, coconut, argan) or slightly melted shea butter to your mixture since henna can slightly dry out the hair fibre.
We recommend that you use the Centifolia no-rinse lotion with raspberry vinegar which, thanks to its acidity, "closes the hair cuticle" and adds shine.

Precautions for use :

  • Do not apply henna or dye powder to hair that has been permed or chemically colour-treated in the last two months.
  • Before colouring your hair, apply a detox mask.
  • Protect areas of your skin likely to be coloured by henna or dye powder by applying a thick layer of a moisturising cream or vegetable oil (top of forehead, ear contour).
  • Wear gloves when preparing and applying the mixture so as to not colour your hands. 
  • Do not use metal utensils to mix the henna so as to not alter the quality of the powder. Warning: the material used could remain coloured. 
  • Test on a hidden strand of hair before colouring your whole head. Wait for 24 hours to view the definitive result. 
  • Do not perm or chemically colour-treat hair if you have coloured it with natural henna in the last two months.


As my hair grows, can I colour just my roots? Will there be a line as my hair grows?

Yes, it’s possible to colour just your roots. However, be careful: to prevent lines, you need to know the appropriate ratio of powder mixture that matches your colour, as well as the leave-on time, so you can reproduce it when you only want to colour your roots.

My scalp is sensitive and becomes itchy after using natural hair colour. What should I do? Try adding a spoonful of vegetable oil to the henna. You can also use a shorter leave-on time, since itching often occurs after leaving the product on for over 3 hours.

Henna tends to dry out my hair. What can I do to avoid this? Henna does tend to dry hair. When preparing the hair colour paste, add yoghurt (to make the paste more creamy) or a spoonful of vegetable oil (the best solution), honey, or vegetable glycerine. 

My hair colour is starting to become too red. What can I do to fix it? The more you use henna, the darker your hair will become. If you want to keep your hair lighter, once you’ve found your desired colour, mix the henna with neutral henna, or only colour your roots. 

How can I get the henna out of my hair? You’ll need to use a Detox mask to make the colour fade.

Bag discard in recycling bin

Recycling rules may vary by location. For more info on recycling, visit




Bonjour Ange,
Le brou de noix ne colore pas les cheveux mais il rehausse les reflets naturels.
Nous vous conseillons de faire un Henné naturel puis un henné en fonction de la couleur que vous souhaitez pour couvrir les cheveux blancs.
Bonne journée, l'équipe Centifolia.

star Verified Purchaser


Après une pose de 4h... très déçue... pas de couvrance des cheveux blancs qui restent tels quels... pourtant parsemés dans la chevelure.

star Verified Purchaser


Je colore mes cheveux avec centifolia châtain caramel. Cette fois, je voulais foncer mes racines (base moins de 20% cheveux blancs) avec Brou de noix centifolia, aucun résultat pour un temps de pose (2h); deuxième fois j'ai mélangé châtain caramel+brou de noix pour foncer les racines = idem que brou de noix seul; ça n'a pas foncé. Le résultat est le même que lorsque je colore mes cheveux avec châtain caramel seul.

star Verified Purchaser


Commande reçue en début de semaine et henné posé hier durant 3h30... que dire à part que je suis ravie ! Le résultat est lumineux et très naturelle, j'ai les cheveux châtain foncé avec déjà naturellement des reflets cuivrés et aujourd'hui mes cheveux sont chocolat avec un joli reflet châtain cuivrés, c'est très joli et encore plus au soleil. Pour avoir cette couleur chocolat j'ai mis 10 gr d'indigo, 100 gr de brou de noiw et environ 150 gr de châtain caramel. Bon ça n'a pas très bien couvert les cheveux blanc et l'odeur est très présente, mais vraiment je n'ai rien d'autre à redire ! Les hennés sont de qualités et pour moi c'était une première ! La prochaine fois je testerai le henné Garance pour accentuer encore plus ces reflets cuivrés rouge ! Hâte de commander à nouveau sur le site.


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Walnut stain

Walnut stain

100% pure
Adds attractive brown highlights
Darkens light-brown hair

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