Our commitment

Our quality charter

Because a different approach to cosmetics is possible, the Centifolia research centre creates products that are conscious, effective and sensory thanks to their unique approach, based on an acute understanding of plants and their secrets.

For its formulas, Centifolia selects natural cosmetic elements from research, focusing on extraction methods that allow for reproducing the treasures of nature while preserving their active properties. Formulas contain up to 100% ingredients of natural origin and up to 100% organic ingredients. 100% natural fragrances and galenics are meticulously crafted.

At each production step, products undergo rigorous controls to ensure optimal quality, and dermatological and microbiological tests are conducted by independent laboratories

Centifolia guarantees you products with:

  • French expertise
  • True dedication
  • Love for plants
  • Only the essentials
  • Solutions targeted to your needs
  • Heritage of nature
  • Vitality of plants






Our certifications


Ecocert is a regulatory and certification organisation. Its activities are overseen by government entities and legislation. Its strict requirements allow an accurate guarantee of environmental consciousness throughout the production chain.

Cosmébio label, organic and environmentally conscious

Cosmébio enforces strict requirements on the use and production of organic cosmetics and demands complete transparency. This logo guarantees that over 95% of the ingredients are natural or from natural origin and that at least 10% of the ingredients are sourced from organic farming.

The AB Organic Farming label

This label is awarded to organically-farmed products. It certifies that the plants were grown with environmentally-conscious methods without synthetic chemicals or GMOs, and limits the use of inputs.