Our story

Our story

The Centifolia adventure started in 1983 with passion and a vision that has remained constant ever since: a love for plants and the benefits of their incredible properties. The release of a thesis on botanicals regarding the incredible vitality of extreme plants that live, flourish and grow in very difficult conditions led to the discovery of the ingenious treasures that they depend on to survive. Because these plants have no choice but to adapt to their environment, they produce fabulous active elements to live in their environment.

Centifolia’s revolutionary idea was to isolate these phenomenal elements and apply them directly to skincare needs.

Botanical cosmetics at the Centifolia Research Centre was born.

Its approach is one-of- a-kind : it considers plants as living things that, in order to survive, produce powerful elements that can be applied to the skin to meet similar needs.

It is organic resonance, similarity between living things in an ecosystem subjected to the same needs.

All the elements produced by plants to ensure a harmonious life (growth, protection, beauty and appeal, tonic effect and rigour, etc.) are researched, isolated and applied as solutions for our daily needs: firmness, cellular repair, hydration, protection, tonicity, suppleness, shine, etc.

The Centifolia Research Centre analyses and identifies plant elements that correspond to their needs for life, growth, reproduction and development. These concentrated, isolated elements are then integrated into formulas for beauty and personal care products to harness their revitalising secrets.

Our vision

Living things have a hidden purpose

For billions of years, we have been created from the same original material. Profound forces tie us to all living things.

Science allows us to see this

Science’s rigour and analysis methods are powerful tools to discover the purpose of living things.

The heritage of living things must be respected

We received the gift of life, and we must preserve it in order to pass it on to future generations.