White Lily

INCI Name / Latin Name

Lilium Candidum

Botanical family


Cosmetic benefits

Lily oil, obtained by macerating Lily flowers in oil, is recognised for its protective and soothing properties. It also adds softness and radiance to the skin, making it an ideal treatment for all skin types, including dry and blemished skin.

Origin / Cultivation

Also called the Madonna Lily, the white Lily is native to Syria and Persia. This bulbous plant belongs to the Liliaceae family and is cultivated in temperate regions such as the Mediterranean basin. The Lily blossoms at the beginning of summer, producing large white trumpet-shaped flowers with 6 petals, 6 yellow stamens and a heady fragrance. The Lily is a symbol of freshness and purity and became the symbol of French royalty. Today, Lilies are used in the areas of cosmetics and perfumery.

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