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How it works

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Discount vouchers for you and the person you refer

You will receive a €4 one-time discount coupon for each person you refer after they make their first purchase of at least €39* (excluding shipping fees) at centifoliabio.fr.

The person you refer will also receive a €4 discount on their first purchase of €39* or more (excluding shipping fees) at centifoliabio.fr.

How does this work?

Enter the email addresses and names of the people you would like to refer. They will then receive an email inviting them to create their own account at centifoliabio.fr. In order to receive the referral bonus, the person you refer must enter your email address when they create their account.

The person you refer will then receive a €4.00 discount valid on their first purchase (€39* minimum, excluding shipping fees). Once their order is paid for and confirmed, you will also receive the €4.00 discount coupon.

Referral Conditions

If you are already a www.centifoliabio.fr customer, you cannot be referred.

- Referrer’s email address must be entered when the new customer creates their account in order for them and their referrer to receive discount coupons.

- Once the new customer’s order is confirmed, the referrer will receive a €4.00 discount coupon valid on their next order. View available discount coupons in My Account > My Discount Vouchers.

- Discount coupon can only be used once and is valid for 6 months. The referrer can combine 2 coupons on one order (no more than €8) as long as the coupons have not expired.

- The referral programme is only valid at www.centifoliabio.fr. In order to refer others, you must have already created an account at centifoliabio.fr. This programme is reserved for new clients who create their accounts after receiving a referral email.

- If you attempt to cheat by acquiring loyalty points in a roundabout way or creating multiple accounts under names with different spellings, a complaint will be lodged against you with the Public Prosecutor and you will be charged a €150 litigation file creation fee. If we discover a purchase made with fraudulently-acquired points, we will charge you the full price in effect at the time of order and your purchase will not be eligible for any discounts.

Orders excluded from the referral programme

Orders made by phone or post are excluded from the referral programme.
The new customer is identified by the referrer’s email address, which is entered during the referral process.

Centifolia reserves the right to modify referral discount at any time, without notice.
This new loyalty programme took effect on 27/06/2013. Updated 16/08/2016.

*The minimum product order total is €39, excluding shipping fees.