INCI Name / Latin Name

Camellia Sinensis / Camellia Oleifera

Botanical family


Cosmetic benefits

Camellia oil is renowned for its nourishing, protective, softening and emollient properties.  It is a so-called "dry" oil that is perfectly absorbed by the skin and is recommended for the care of dry and lifeless skin. Lastly, it is also used to fortify hair.

Origin / Cultivation

Originating in Asia, camellias belong to the Theaceae family and are made up of over a hundred species, the best-known of which are Camellia sinensis, Camellia Oleifera and Camellia japonica. Camellia sinensis is also called the "tea tree" because its leaves are infused to make traditional Asian tea. Camellias produce a yellow oil obtained from the first cold-pressing of the seeds extracted from the Camellia fruit. A beauty secret for Japanese women for centuries, Camellia oil can now be found in a wide range of cosmetic products.

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