INCI Name / Latin Name

Mauritia Flexuosa

Botanical family


Cosmetic benefits

Very rich in carotenoids and antioxidants, Buriti oil is known to enhance tanning and prevent sun-related damage. It also has emollient properties and its orange colour has a "healthy glow" effect and enhances the skin's radiance. It is recommended for the care of all skin types and in particular dry and mature skin and skin lacking radiance..

Origin / Cultivation

A wild palm tree from the Cerrado region in the centre of Brazil, the Buriti grows in the swamps of the Amazon Forest and can reach up to 40 metres in height. Native Americans considered it a sacred tree and named it "tree of life" due to its many uses: for example, the wood is used for construction, the leaves are used to cover houses, the fibres are used for textiles and the orange pulp of the fruits is used for food.
Buriti oil is obtained from the first cold-pressing of the seeds of the Buriti fruit and is used for its cosmetic properties.  Natives traditionally used this oil to protect themselves from the sun.

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