Our loyalty programme

Get discount vouchers by earning loyalty points

How it Works

It’s simple: the more money you spend, the more loyalty points you earn.
€1 spent = 1 point
Receive a €4 discount coupon for each 100 points earned.

Discount Vouchers

Once you’ve spent enough to earn 100 loyalty points, you’ll receive a €4 discount coupon valid for 6 months. It can be used one time on your next order. To view your point balance and your discount coupons, go to “My Account” in the “My Rewards” menu.
You can combine 2 coupons on one order (no more than €8) as long as your coupons have not expired.

How do I turn my points into discount vouchers?

See detailed instructions on: How to use my loyalty points?

Calculating Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are calculated on confirmed and uncancelled orders. These product purchases don’t earn loyalty points. Shipping fees and other taxes are not included when calculating loyalty point balance. Phone and mail orders are also excluded from the loyalty programme.

The loyalty programme is valid on products* purchased on the www.centifoliabio.fr website. Centifolia reserves the right to modify point values at any time, without notice.
If you attempt to cheat by acquiring loyalty points in a roundabout way or creating multiple accounts under names with different spellings, a complaint will be lodged against you with the Public Prosecutor and you will be charged a €150 litigation file creation fee. If we discover a purchase made with fraudulently-acquired points, we will charge you the full price in effect at the time of order and your purchase will not be eligible for any discounts.

*Excluding books, accessories, two-packs, sets, boxes, and current promotions.