Sweet Almond

INCI Name / Latin Name

Prunus Dulcis

Botanical family


Cosmetic benefits

Sweet Almond oil is used in cosmetics for its nourishing and relaxing properties and is recommended for all skin types. Thanks to its soothing and softening action, it is particularly recommended for the treatment of dry and irritated skin and for baby care products. Lastly, sweet almond proteins are known to help detangle hair.

Origin / Cultivation

Almonds were cultivated in China and Greece 3000 years ago and then spread all along the coasts of the Mediterranean. Women in ancient Egypt used sweet almond oil for its cosmetic properties. The word "almond" comes from the Greek "amygdalon" and the Latin "amandula", which mean precious and rare divine gift. The almond tree symbolises renewal, hope and joy due to its early blossoming.

Belonging to the Rosaceae family, the almond tree blossoms early, producing lovely white flowers from the end of winter. It produces nuts, or almonds, that contain seeds rich in fat. These seeds are cold-pressed to obtain sweet Almond oil, a light-yellow oil that is highly nourishing and relaxing.

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